GSP Business Center in Terrassa - Barcelona

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Common Spaces in the Business Center


Auditorium - Conferences room        Lounge room                                   Lounge in common area



Visiting open room                    Meeting room     Meeting Open room           Bar and reprography zone





Private meeting rooms: 2 rooms of 20 m˛ and 2 rooms of 32 m˛.

Waiting room 18 m˛.

Open meeting rooms: 4 spaces with table and chears in common areas for unformal visits or meeting.

Private lounge room, and a open lounge space.

Entrance receptión desk.

Private auditorium conferences hall extensible from 10 to 50 persons.

Projection, video, digital retroprojectors, slide projectors, video conferencing, speakers, and ambiental music.

Forced vent with heating recuperator, air conditioned and central heating equipments are installed in the common spaces.

The private offices and the common places are acustic isolated adequately. 

Photocopier, lasser printers color and B/W are on disposal.

A bar zone for coffe and beberages, with table and chears are installed.

Water clos and sanitarium services are common and adapted for all kind of people.

Services for internet and telephone are installed.

Common servers hall available for users.

Automated consumptions control for telephone and the other services.

All center are designed for access of any king of persons, and it has 2 interior elevators.

All the center are equiped by the necessary systems: smake detection, fire detection, fire extinction, emergency exits, advices and lightingting, intruders detection, monitoring cameras and alarms connected 24 hours to a central reception services.

Common places for more than 650 m˛.

Furniture, design and decoration of the center implies a very beatiful, comodity and quality places.






  Tel. +34 93 733 89 11       Fax. +34 93 733 8918       Major 40, Baixos A      08221 - TERRASSA (Barcelona) SPAIN