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Shared Work Places in Open Plan Office



Open Plan Office          Shared work Place



Open Plan Office available from 1 to 30 workplaces, and 220 m².

A workplace furniture consists in a work table with key access drawers, arm chair, paper bascket, key access filing cabinet, chair, telephone set, TV and Radio connection, and network cable connection UTP-5 and RJ-45.

Consumptions of water, electricity and the fixed company minimum service telephone, Internet, and fax connection charges.

Personalised reception for telephone calls and visits, according to signed reception protocol.

Exclusive telephone number for reception calls per each office, and each workplace group in open plan office.

Service of collection and sending of Fax from reception, via E-mail.

Service of reception and sending of daily post mail.

Unlimited use of visiting and meetings rooms depending on the availabity by means of booking them. Five rooms ( 2 of 14m2, 1 of 20m2, and 2 of 32m2), and 4 meeting desks in common areas are available.

The use for 2 hours per month of the 30 people auditorium room are included for each workplace in open plan office. The hours are not accumulative. 

Cleaning service of the office twice a week.

Personalized access code to each office and for the main building.

Access by keys and/or remote control. A money provision for that is required.

All the offices have an internal netware connection with UTP-5 wire. 

E-mail count for each workplace contract vinculated to the center (

The center has a digital telephonic switchboard, with 20 RDSI, 40 DDI lines, 2 Fax lines, 2 mobile lines.

Special comunication network contracts with Telefónica de España and others to guarantee the service excellence and to improve better costs for that service.

TV aerial, local network, speakers, telephone line and PA system on meeting rooms. Internet connection will be contract.

Telephonic internal extension lines and flat rate internet connection service for each workplace contract.

Air conditioned controlled individually, a robe hanger, and ligthing system in each office.

The number of workplaces in each office are shown in our brochure, and may adapted to each client , fron 1 to 9 workplaces are available.

The notation in the main directory on reception for each office or group of Open Plan Office workplaces contracts.

The notation of e-mail or web in the main business center web for each office or group of Open Plan Office workplaces contracts.

The center are equiped by smoke and fire detectors, fire extinction, emergency lightning, monitoring access cameras, intruder detection systems, with acustic alarm and connection to a central alarm reception and control 24 hours a day.

Continent insurance contract, including civil responsability.

Local taxes and comunity building charges are included.

The center are designed for accessibility of any kind of persons, and   2 lifts are suitable for this purpose

The center are designed to offer maximum confort, comodity and quality.



Direct and exclusive telephone number for each company contract (see prices)

Personalization of the exclusive telephone number for the company (see prices).

Telephonic resending and Fax, depending on the user expenses. (see prices).

Service of manual Fax sending through telephone expenses (see prices).

Services of courier and daily post. (see prices).

Service of parking for visits charged by hours. (see prices).

Services of messages and telephone calls resending. (see prices).

Use of the projector in auditorium room. (see prices).

Use of the projector in lounge and auditorium room. (see prices).

Use of the slide projector (see prices).

Use of the transparency projector. (see prices).

Use of the auditorium  room (maximum 30 people) (see prices).

Use of lounge and auditorium  room (maximum 50 people) (see prices).

Use of video conference in auditorium room. (see prices).

Office materials, stationery, and computer materials. ** (see prices).

External service of photocopies, binding, printing, signing, drafts, translation, interpreter, legal and/or accountant legal consultant's office, trips, travel, accomodation, stationery, special cleaning, archives, software, hardware and computer materials.

Additional Internet line. (see prices)

Local photocopies or printing service. For A3 B/W copies (paper included) (see prices).

Local photocopies or printing service. For A4 B/W copies (paper included) (see prices).

Local color printing service. For A4 (Paper Included) (see prices).

Local color printing service. For A3 (Paper Included) (see prices).

Service of PC with video conference in the office (see prices).

Use of Video (PAL/Secam/NTSC/V2000) and TV. (see prices).





  Tel. +34 93 733 89 11       Fax. +34 93 733 8918       Major 40, Baixos A      08221 - TERRASSA (Barcelona) SPAIN