¿What is GSP Business Center?

The company Grup Simó & Prado Business Center, S.L. was founded in 1999 with the aim of creating a singular, multi company incubator, modern, flexible, comfortable, high-level and advanced telematics services and human resources, transforming the headquarters of the ancient Commercial Transatlantic Bank on an actualized GSP Business Center that occupies an area of over 2000 m². The location is unbeatable, in the commercial zone of Terrassa with excellent communications because it is within 100 meters to the train station of Terrassa Rambla FGC and 800 meters from RENFE railway station. Business Center also has some parking places for customers, and on the other hand, there are 5 public parking around.

How it works?

GSP Business Center allows you to start from the first day to work in the specific activity of your company, avoiding other topic implantation delays or accessories, receiving a single monthly bill for all services, simplifying your administrative affairs and working in a large and flexible installations adaptable on your needs.

What we offer?

With 16 years of experience and a team of highly qualified professionals, the Business Center as such, offers personalized service that allows you to adapt to any requirement of business, commercial or professional that may need a start-up company, a independent professional, or a company that already established wants to grow, and even a large company with specific work units.

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centro de negocios
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